Hi, Thanks for visiting the Brium website!

I’m Pete Scotcher, who founded Brium and I’ve decided to close it.

The company has been running for 4 years and I’m delighted with the successes and achievements. Many more people in Bradford and surrounding areas have great quality peer support, and there are many more group facilitators working in the area.

I would like to thank all the people who came to Brium asking for courses and 1:1 sessions, wishing to take responsibility for health and wellbeing. It has been an enormous privilege to have a small part in these recovery stories.

A big thanks to all the people who worked with me to facilitate courses, I heave learned so much from your unique skills. Coaching, mentoring and support have been essential to my ability to run this company. I thank all those who took the time to listen to my hopes and fears, and helped me achieve my dream of making peer support more widely available.

My next steps are to continue to develop my skills as a group facilitator. I love being a part of group discussions, this will continue to be a key part of my work. I am dedicated to being a part of Bradford’s story, I hope to stay in touch with all the wonderful people who are working to nourish this fantastic city.

Most of Brium’s work has been based on the Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) from the Copeland Centre. I will stay involved with WRAP, please do get in touch with any questions, ideas or requests regarding WRAP. I am keen that WRAP continues to flourish.

The Brium website and e-mail will close in the coming months. Please contact me via e-mail;