Bradford Clubhouse Dream


In December 2016 I visited the Mosaic Clubhouse in Lambeth. I found a place where staff and memebers accessed every part of the building, where people with any degree of difficulty could come and contribute. I was offered a home cooked meal and the CEO welcomed me into her office and enthusiastically told me about how Clubhouses work.

An asylum was closed in New York in the 1940s . The people who lived there started their own organisation to share support and help others. Fountain House is still doing this work today and an international organisation gathers research and supports new clubhouses.

Clubhouses are run by their members, all the administration, cooking, planning, and provision of services is done by members. A few paid staff contribute to the organisation but the members all have responsability for keeping the place going.

Employment is a key aspect of the clubhouse. There is a structured working day, and opportunities to work with local employers, building on skills developed in the clubhouse.

Let's start a clubhouse in Bradford. We have a number of fantastic organisations that contribute to people's recovery and wellbeing, however there are fewer statutory services and big gaps in provision.

Let's get together to create a space where people are welcome to come and learn, grow, have fun and thrive!

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